Home Solutions provides to our customers an integral modular – monolithic construction system with the highest energy efficiency and earthquake resistant that exists in the market. This system allows us to have a shorter execution times and costs 30% cheaper than traditional construction.

A constructive solution with quality for your project

The constructive solution is composed of a 3D steel structure and an insulating plate, both form a panel with different thickness depending on the characteristics of each Project; finally two layers of micro concrete are applied, achieving a combination of high structural capacity, very small weight and a great termal-acoustic insulation.

Sustainable homes

Our goal is to offer sustainability to each project, because we use renewable materials that provide the minimum thermal transmittance so we can reduce the energy consumption as much as possible, therefore, we finally get a house with energy efficiency A, contributing to a greater confort for the people, and a higher quality of life.

Certified Warranty

As an Integral Modular Construction System with more than 35 years in the market, we comply with EHE and CTE regulations, we aldo have the DIT (Document of Technical Suitability granted by Eduardo Torroja Institute of Construction Sciences), for buildings with no height limit.

Integral Modular Construction System


Advantages we offer:

  • Earthquake resistant (increases up to 8 times the global safety coefficient factor)
  • Excellent thermo-acoustic insulation
  • Produces energy savings of up to 82% (50kWhr / m2 year)
  • Shorter execution time at a very competitive cost
  • Reduces CO2 emissions by up to 65% during residential use
  • Reduces CO2 emissions by up to 40% during construction