As part of our sustainable constructive solutions we have the SATE System for cladding and rehabilitation of facades. Our solution is designed to improve the thermal enclosure of the buildings, achieving the best interior temperature and comfort throughout the year.

The main objective of Home Solutions is to provide the best constructive alternative for your project, SATE system we offer can be used in new constructions, as well as the rehabilitation of buildings and homes. The energy saving obtained can reach 50 kW-h / m2 year, depending on the thickness of insulation we use, we can achieve an Energy Efficiency Rating (A-B-C) for our property.

SATE System for cladding and rehabilitation of facades.


Our main difference between the traditional SATE commercialized in the market and our SATE System is the impact resistant. Conventional SATE has a very low impact resistance (3 joules), compared to ours which is 100 times stronger (300 joules). All thanks to the insulation plate which is armed with a galvanized steel mesh.

Advantages and properties:

  • Eliminates thermal bridges (concrete slabs fronts, pillars, etc.), avoiding the possibility of condensation and heat loss.
  • Renew the appearance of the facade and increase the economic value of the house. The investment can be recovered over a period of approximately 5 years by reducing the consumption of air conditioning and heating.
  • Improves the energy efficiency of buildings.
  • It helps the acoustic insulation of the facade.
  • High resistance to impacts.
  • Longest lifetime of the buildings.
  • It does not reduce the useful area of ​​the houses.
  • Correct any type of cracks or fissures on the façade and avoid leaks, thus improving the waterproofing because it can create an air chamber that the conventional SATE does not have this advantage.
  • It can be applied in houses already inhabited.
  • Does not modify the architectural design of the property.
  • It is respectful with the environment by not dispersing polluting substances, it can be recycled and by reducing losses we avoid a greater emission of CO2 into the atmosphere.
  • Simplifies the installation due it only needs two operations: fix the plates and then apply the resistant layer, the traditional SATE needs at least six operations.
  • It does not spread the fire due our expanded polystyrene insulation board is Class F, barely flammable.

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