Home Solutions® develops its business as a sustainable construction company throughout Spain, but its beginning took place in Marbella (Málaga).

From the beginning, our goal has been to raise awareness about the importance of implementing efficient building systems that do not harm the environment. This implies a change of the mentality of this sector resulting in great benefits for all of us and the environment where we live.

“Sustainable construction company”

At Home Solutions, our specialty is the realization of sustainable housing projects, providing the best constructive solutions in the market. The close cooperation with leading technology companies at international level, allows us to offer a service with the greatest safety and highest quality in this sector.

«Professional experience»

Since our inception, we have been accumulating the experience to be able to gain the good professional level that characterizes us to tackle all kinds of projects. The very good professional results are due to the effort, perseverance and continuous desire of improvement in all the areas that make up our company.

«Qualified professional staff»

We have an excellent team of skilled professionals which enable the optimal functioning of our company. The Brand “Home Solutions” belongs to the iSolutions Group, composed by other members such as Wall Solutions®, which also develops its activity within the construction sector.